Brendon, 26, Atlanta.

It's me and my keyboard against the Wordlessness.

It's me against the world, but I've got teeth and claws.

But baby, I wanted to be so gentle, so soft.
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You’re aware that your jokes are not very funny, but you seem to find some literary merit in them. It’s possible that you have had to suffer, but you don’t seem to have any respect for your own suffering. There is some truth in you, all right, but there’s no humility; and it is out of the pettiest vanity that you drag forth your truth to exhibit it, to offer it for sale, to disgrace it. You really have something to say, but you hide your final words, out of fear, because you really have no courage, only the impertinence of a coward. You were bragging about your consciousness, yet you can’t grasp anything clearly because, though your head is quite lucid, your heart is murky as a result of debauchery, and real consciousness is impossible without a pure heart. And you’re so indiscreet, so pushy, and such a show-off! Ah, you tell nothing but lies, lies, and more lies…

Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground (via get-disowned)


p great trilogy by alice

For 2013. Thanks for helping me find my teeth and claws. Burn in hell.

For 2013. Thanks for helping me find my teeth and claws. Burn in hell.

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Y’all I been flirting with this girl via text and my phone is at 2% power and I don’t have my charger but it’s still working and this is the strongest evidence I know of for a kind and loving god.


"Things sure would be interesting if there were more… troubles in the world…"



Every few hours yesterday I made up one of these “Facts” images and posted it to FB. Not only did no one call me out but I received numerous compliments and one guy even took credit for an image.

lol the one with Chicago and the stuff about Kansas. Also “5 degrees rounder”- wat? And all the typos… These are hilarious.

So fucking funny.

OKCupid makes me feel like a real prick, not answering messages based on profiles with “curvy” under the body type heading and pictures that only show faces. I wanna be all like “everyone is beautiful,” and in some sense everyone is, but not in the “everything else being equal, I would sleep with you” sense. I guess it’s good to know that if some switch ever gets flipped and I find myself attracted to large women, I apparently have options.

So, this exists. And I’m 95% sure it’s not just some jackass like me making a joke. I don’t know whether I like the world more or less as a result. Thanks, @ttgarrett

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Moshi Moshi - Brand New

Can I watch the next time you’re applying your eyeliner?

All this caffeine and nicotine and viciousness is killing me slowly. I gotta find someplace to rest my spinnin’ head.

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